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Kelly’s Delight saved my marriage! Now my wife and I can brew our tea, she can have her’s un-sweet and I can pour Kelly’s Delight into mine. Even lemonade is made much simpler to make with Kelly’s Delight. She can have her’s more tart, and I can have mine sweeter. Absolutely love this product!


Well how do I rate sugar water? 5 stars that’s how. I know how easy it is to make this myself, but I bought this for cocktails. I don’t have time to make this myself, I’ve got coconut lemonade I need to make!


I’m a recent health-diet convert and have learned that pure cane liquid sugar is one of the most beneficial whole foods, (my weight exploded when I switched from regular sugar to agave nectar). I’ve been telling everyone about your product because it’s one of my “finds.”  Kelly’s Delight is the least expensive alternative-to-traditional ingredients I’ve adopted, and one that I love!



Kelly’s Delight Starts with Our Family & Ends with Yours.

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