Whether dining out or entertaining friends at our home, my wife (Kelly) and I enjoy spending quality time with our loved ones. On just such an occasion, a conversation sparked an idea. We love sweet drinks, but were never satisfied with the results the sweeteners on the market provided. It was either granulated sugar settled at the bottom of our glass or the aftertaste of the artificial sweeteners. We knew many people could relate to our dissatisfaction. So, in an effort to fill this niche we endeavored to create what is now Kelly’s Delight!

Our products are all natural, non gmo, no preservatives, and no HFCS. Our motto is that we only sell products we would be comfortable giving to our kids.

It’s been exciting watching the company transform from an idea to products people enjoy all over the world! We hope you keep enjoying the products as much as we do!


Hear what others have to say about Kelly’s Delight!

Kelly’s Delight saved my marriage! Now my wife and I can brew our tea, she can have her’s un-sweet and I can pour Kelly’s Delight into mine. Even lemonade is made much simpler to make with Kelly’s Delight. She can have her’s more tart, and I can have mine sweeter. Absolutely love this product!


Well how do I rate sugar water? 5 stars that’s how. I know how easy it is to make this myself, but I bought this for cocktails. I don’t have time to make this myself, I’ve got coconut lemonade I need to make!


I have used this in Apple cider that was too bitter and tea so far and both tasted great. I am so glad I found this…will be buying again!

CO Kennamore

Kelly’s Delight,  I want to thank you so much for your product.  I am a nurse at a children’s hospital and the mother of a child with special needs.  I am sure you are unfamiliar with the ‘problem’ the liquid form of the drug Zantac causes among pediatric patients….but it is the totally worst tasting med out there. Nothing really helps, and artificial sweeteners are never a good idea to add to a medication. Then I found your liquid sugar.  I mixed it 1:1 with the Zantac.  He downed it without making a face or gagging… Eureka!  A spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down : )


I am allergic to fake sugar and processed sugar aggravates my system. Your product does not bother me and tastes great.


I drink about 5 cups of coffee a day and I have tried several liquid sugars but none better than Kelly’s Delight. Gave it a go about 3 months ago and I am sticking with it!


I’m a recent health-diet convert and have learned that pure cane liquid sugar is one of the most beneficial whole foods, (my weight exploded when I switched from regular sugar to agave nectar). I’ve been telling everyone about your product because it’s one of my “finds.”  Kelly’s Delight is the least expensive alternative-to-traditional ingredients I’ve adopted, and one that I love!


Best liquid sugar for ice coffee!!


I love using Kelly’s Delight to make our candy, without it I wouldn’t be able to create something as tasty and a little more healthy. Eliminating corn syrup and replacing it with Kelly’s Delight has been the best investment ever for our product.


Fluff It Gourmet Marshmallows

I have a bubble tea kit and I use this to make it sweet. It’s easy to use, all you do it squirt it into whatever you need and stir it. It’s a great sweetener.

Buggy Boo

If you want the sugar taste in drinks without sucking crystals through a straw this is great!


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