Is Kelly’s Delight real sugar?

Yes. Kelly’s Delight is all natural pure cane sugar.

How much Kelly’s Delight do I use compared to granulated sugar? And what is the advantage?

Kelly’s Delight measures tsp to tsp with granulated sugar, but it is more efficient than granulated sugar. Unlike granulated sugar sitting in the bottom of your cup, Kelly’s Delight has no waste when you use it. Because it permeates throughout your drink, you may find this allows you to use less sugar overall and still achieve the sweetness you desire.

Can Kelly’s Delight be used in any beverage?

Yes. Whether steaming hot or ice-cold, Kelly’s Delight will consistently sweeten your beverage choice from top to bottom. Try it in lemonade, coffee, and tea. Taste great in iced-coffee, too!

Can I cook with Kelly’s Delight?

Yes. Kelly’s Delight can take the place of sugar in many recipes.

Try Kelly’s Delight when making tiramisu, cheese cake, sugar cookies, dressings and much more. Watch for upcoming recipes on our News and Blog page.

What is the shelf life of Kelly’s Delight?

Kelly’s Delight has a shelf life of two years. All product needs to be stored either in its original packaging or placed in an appropriate air-occlusive dispenser. Refrigerate for longer shelf life.

Do I have to refrigerate Kelly’s Delight?

No, but we recommend keeping it at room temperature.

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